Tesla’s workshop

1925. The Industrial Revolution is underway.
The face of the world is changing and electricity is imposing itself in homes.
Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison have been opposing each other for years, each defending their idea of electric power.
Edison, feeling his vision of the direct current soon outdated, tries to get the plans of the secret project of Tesla.
He then recruited a team of spies; of which you are a part; charged with infiltrating the hidden studio of his eternal rival, in order to steal the plans.
Tesla has indeed built a most mysterious den, a den in the measure of his genius, allowing him to work serenely on his most ambitious projects.
However, you do not infiltrate the lair with such a risk-free mind.
His ultimate project, his “Machine,” will only leave you one hour to break through its secrets before exploding and taking everything to nothingness.
Will you be up to it?

Required Skills





You will enter the den of genius Nikola Tesla.
A laboratory at the forefront of technology of the time, true concentrate of its craziest achievements.
Some even think that it is the cradle that shaped our daily lives
Will you survive this electrifying adventure?

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